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At some time or another, all homes will need new hot water systems. Drain & Madden offers full installation of water heaters, so you always have hot water that is ready to go. Your water heater is something that may not come to mind until you find yourself standing in an ice cold shower, or until you get your utility bills, but it is a major source of monthly expense for many families. This is especially true if you have multiple people living in the home. We can provide you with not only conventional electric water heaters, but also energy efficient options such as solar, heat pumps and gas water heaters.
Hot Water System — Hot Water Systems in Cardiff, NSW

The importance of hot water systems

Hot water systems not only provide comfort for showering and bathing, but it also has a major impact on your monthly utility bills. Having an inefficient water heater can cost you thousands of dollars extra throughout the year. Efficient solar water heaters utilise the power of the sun to heat your water. We have conventional designs utilising power cells, as well as solar heat pumps which use ambient heat to increase the temperature of your water. There are also options that feature an electric or gas boost to increase the heat in a hurry when needed.

Gas water heaters are also a good option for those who want a good mix between affordability and energy efficiency.

We not only offer a number of hot water heating setups, but we provide full installation by our trained professionals. If you are in need of a new hot water system, give us a call and we will be happy to go over your options in depth.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water is a great option to save on your electricity bill and has become a very popular choice. There are 2 types of tanks - tank on roof and tank on ground.
Within these 2 types of Solar Hot Water System’s, one for frost prone areas and one for areas that never get frosts. Note if you put a non-frost model in a frost prone area you will not get warranty on damage to the HWS caused by frost

How can I save money on my electric bill?

40% of all electricity costs can be attributed to your electric HWS.
There several options in the ECO hot water area but before you do that how is the health of your present HWS.
Things that could be costing you are;

a) Leaking hot water taps.
b) Leaking TPR valve which is that valve found toward the top of the HWS tank.
c) Is there any moisture around the HWS tank.
d) are there any water leaks in the piping system. To check this just make sure all taps are off tight then go to the water meter and note the meter reading or take a photo with your phone and leave it for a few minutes or up to an hour then go back and check the reading again (make sure no one has flushed the toilet during the test)

If you find the meter reading has changed you may have a leak in either the hot or cold water pipes.
At this point you may like to call our Rapid Response Team of trained professionals to locate and repair the leak.

How Much Will You Save?

Solar can save up to 80% of cost of heating water but there are certain limitations as will be heating a portion of the water with the electric booster.
In recent years there have been significant advances in Heat Pump Technology.

Heat pumps can save up to 80% of your energy because some, not all brands, can heat water 5 times cheaper than an electric element.
Heat pumps draw heat from the air and can believe it or not, operate down to minus 10 deg C.

What’s the difference between solar and heat pump water heaters?

Solar draws heat from the Sun and is collected on a flat sheet of copper aluminium. Attached to the sheet of copper or aluminium are copper pipes that water from the storage tank flows through and absorb the heat from the copper or aluminium sheet making the water hot. The sheet and pipes are enclosed in a metal envelope with a sheet of glass over the top. This acts like a greenhouse trapping the air inside.
Heat pumps use a refrigeration principle. Hot water heat pumps are just one of a number of energy saving systems for heating your water.

If you really want to save on electricity you could go back to the way my grandmother heated water in a wood burning copper, but no I don’t think so. Just kidding.
Back to the modern era. Heat Pumps work by using electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly - the heat transfer works like a refrigerator, in reverse!

While a refrigerator pulls heat from within inside 'a box' and dumps it into the surrounding room, a hot water heat pump pulls heat from the surrounding air and transfers it - at a higher temperature - to your homes Hot Water tank.

This makes it two to 5 times more energy efficient than conventional electric water heaters. If you would like a site visit to see which type of hot water heater is best suited to your family’s needs just give the Rapid Response team a call on 4954 8800