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There are some things you don’t want to leave to chance, and your plumbing is one of them. Drain & Madden provides a wide range of plumbing services that will keep your plumbing system running smoothly. Our professional plumbers are licensed and trained to not only perform general plumbing services, as well as emergency services for those situations that arise after-hours.
Professional Plumber — Professional Plumbers in Cardiff, NSW


Even if your plumbing issues seem minor, it’s important that you hire professional plumbers to carry out the work to ensure it’s done properly. Small problems can become bigger ones if they are handled improperly, so you want to make sure whoever is working on your pipes is of the highest level of expertise. Our plumbers have a combined total of 45 years' experience, so you can rest assured that you will receive top-notch service.

We strive to make sure every customer feels appreciated and valued, so we will handle your job no matter how big or small. You can feel confident that when you call Drain & Madden, you benefitting from decades of experience, the latest technology and friendly service.

If you have a plumbing problem, call our professional plumbers today. We will give you an accurate quote, and go over each step of the repair or installation process. We handle everything from new installations, bathroom remodels, gasfitting services and hot water systems.

Meet Our Team

Professional Plumber — Professional Plumbers in Cardiff, NSW

Chris Fairman - Owner Manager

I started my own plumbing business after completing the Advanced Plumbing Course with honours at Gosford TAFE College in 1976.

In 2008 I purchased a well-known Newcastle plumbing business and re named it Drain and Madden Rapid Response Plumbing.
My aim was and is to have business with fully trained plumbers that can work on any plumbing installation that they may come across.
To be a competent plumber in the field of domestic or commercial/industrial maintenance he or she must have a real hands on knowledge of the latest plumbing techniques ’but must also have an intimate knowledge of all past and sometimes obsolete plumbing practices that can be found in and around Newcastle.
It has been my privilege to work alongside and pass on some of my experiences to many young men over the past 43 years in one of the oldest trades that goes back to the Roman Empire.

Professional Plumber — Professional Plumbers in Cardiff, NSW

Zane – Leading Hand/Qualified Plumber

Zane has seven years of experience and professionalism that he has gained being in the maintenance and construction plumbing industry. He is skilled in all things plumbing including drainage, gas fitting and hot water heaters and is a fundamental part of our team as the lead plumber. This position requiring Zane to schedule all incoming work for each day and ensure operations are run smoothly.
After completing his four-year apprenticeship, Zane then went on to study further by acquiring his certificate four in Plumbing and Gas fitting to increase his skills whilst still working as a full-time tradesman.
Zane enjoys playing or watching football and travelling when he can get the chance outside of work.

Professional Plumber — Professional Plumbers in Cardiff, NSW

Luke – Qualified Plumber

Luke has been in the plumbing industry for six years. In the past six years he has had experience in domestic, commercial and light industrial maintenance plumbing and construction services. After spending the last six years with us Luke is sure to have a wide range of knowledge in all things hot water. Along with this experience in the plumbing industry it has bought opportunities to learn clerical skills such as invoicing, quoting, estimating and cash handling.
Like Zane, Luke also went on to study further by completing his certificate four in Plumbing and Gas fitting, whilst working as a full-time tradesman.
After work hours and on the weekends, Luke enjoys serving the community in the NSW Fire and Rescue Service as a retained firefighter.
Professional Plumber — Professional Plumbers in Cardiff, NSW

Oliver – Apprentice Plumber

Oliver is in his third year as an apprentice plumber and gas fitter.

Having had most of his experience as an apprentice in hot water installations and servicing (solar, gas and electric), and sewer maintenance including sewer repairs and blocked drains.

Oliver look forwards to completing his plumbing apprenticeship here at Drain and Madden Plumbing and like the others would like to then complete his certificate four in Plumbing and Gas fitting.

On the weekend he likes to go camping, drive around the bush, take trips to the beach and challenging himself on an occasional small renovation.
Professional Plumber — Professional Plumbers in Cardiff, NSW

Chelsea – Administration

Chelsea is originally from a small country town in the North West of NSW called Inverell. She attended Calrossy Anglican School as a fulltime boarder in Tamworth. Chelsea moved to Newcastle to attend the University of Newcastle where she stayed on Colleague at Edwards Hall. It was while she had moved to Newcastle the opportunity arose in early 2019 to be employed at Drain and Madden Plumbing.

After previous experience in her home town working for her father at Lehman Stock and Property, learning her hand in the basic administration skills since the age of 14 she found a sense of enjoyment in the area of work.

At Drain and Madden Plumbing her role involves taking incoming calls, invoicing, data entry (invoices in and out) of our accounting system and other administrative tasks. Chelsea enjoys getting outside in the fresh air doing some sort of physical activity, eating out with her friends and regular trips to the beach.