Gas Fitting

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Along with our quality plumbing services, we also offer a full range of gasfitting services to meet the growing demand for gas appliances and fixtures. There are many reasons you may wish to make the switch to gas appliances. Not only are they a clean, effective and safe option for most homes, but they are also energy efficient. You could save hundreds off your utility bills when you make the switch to gas as compared to conventional electric appliances. We can help you install your gas water heater, gas line, stovetop and more.
Gasfitting — Gasfitting Services in Cardiff, NSW

Why do you need gasfitting services?

Gasfitting isn’t something you want to leave to chance. While gas appliances are highly safe, your gas lines should be installed by a trained and licensed gasfitter who knows the correct way they should be placed, and who can take all necessary safety precautions. Gas leaks are no laughing matter! At Drain & Madden, we take the time to thoroughly and safely install all gas lines, and we ensure that there are no leaks or issues before we give the okay for gas connection. Additionally, we can inspect your existing gas lines to ensure they’re in top working order before you use them.

If you are ready to make the switch to gas, give us a call today. We’re ready to help you choose the right appliances, such as water heaters, if needed, and we can ensure that you have a safe and efficient hook up.