Top-notch plumbing in Newcastle


When you need a plumber, you need service fast. That’s why Drain & Madden is the rapid response plumbing service provider! We offer a full range of plumbing services to keep your pipes running smoothly. We can handle simpler plumbing issues such as leaky taps, clogged drains, leaking toilets and more. We also provide services for more serious problems like burst pipes. We employ the latest technologies to find the root cause of your plumbing issues fast and efficiently, such as high pressure water jetters and CCTV cameras, which allow us to explore your pipes from the inside.
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We also provide installations, as well as remodels if you are looking to renovate your bathroom or kitchen. We can move pipes from one location to another, as well as install fixtures and replace or repair old, worn downpipes.

We are also happy to provide emergency plumbing services for those issues that arise after-hours. Whether you have a severe clog, or you have a burst pipe that threatens to cause severe water damage, we will be there when you need us. Plumbing emergencies don’t always wait until a convenient time, so we’re here no matter how late at night or early in the morning.

If you need a plumber now, call the experts at Drain & Madden. We will go over your problem, find the solution, and get things fixed as soon as possible!